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Energy Project Finance and NanoTechnology Odor Elimination

Founded in 1989, Capital Technology, Inc. (CTI) is a specialized financial advisor providing project-specific merger and acquisition and capital-raising services for developers and owners of clean and renewable energy projects.

In 2013, CTI began commercializing a promising TiO2-based nanotechnology that has the ability to extinguish the kind of organic molecules that cause odors and produce industrial emissions.


CTI's mission is to create substantial, lasting value for its clients through creative problem-solving and cooperative product development.  CNT excels at assignments where it can bring to bear its blend of financial, commercial and nanoTiO2 technical expertise on major consumer and societal issues. Clients and customers have included developers, government agencies, industrial hosts, homeowners, hotels, nursing homes, real estate agencies and technology developers.

NanoTechnology commercialization

Equipped with a long-term nanoTiO2 supply contract from the leading nanoTiO2 poducer in Japan, CNT has embarked on a nationwide effort to penetrate the housing, commercial and industrial markets with a range of highly effective odor- and emissions-killing products.  Of the technology's five major properties, CNT is tightly focused on odor elimination.

25 years of clean and renewable energy financing and nanotechnology commercialization

CTI and its alliance members have successfully closed or obtained commitments on over $7 billion in project equity, taxable and tax-exempt project debt, grants and loan guarantee awards and/or sell and buy side merger and acquisition transactions involving the following fuels and technologies:

  • Energy-saving nanoTechnology applications
  • Coal, petcoke, biomass and pelletized MSW-fueled gasification
  • Waste coal-fired circulating fluidized bed
  • Energy-saving technology applications
  • Natural gas combined cycle
  • Coal, petcoke, biomass and MSW-fueled gasification
  • Nuclear
  • Solar
  • Landfill gas-to-energy
  • Hydroelectric
  • Ocean wave energy

CTI has also performs strategic financial advisory assignments involving the above technologies.

Financing resources

CTI maintains close relationships with a wide variety of energy-oriented venture and project financing sources, including providers of venture capital, development capital, permanent equity, limited-recourse debt (see Investors), grants and loan guarantees.  These financing sources vary considerably in their appetite for development and technology risk, understanding of process plant economics, return requirements, accounting constraints, ability to utilize tax benefits and approval processes.  The result is an extremely diverse set of investors and lenders, each unique.  Being able to anticipate these differences is essential when taking deals to market.  CTI maintains regular contacts with these sources in order to stay up-to-date on their needs and constraints, and to be able to select financing sources best-suited to a given technology, location and transaction size.

Because CTI is independent of any financial institution, it can bring your company the best terms the current capital markets have to offer.

World-class people resources

By staffing assignments with seasoned financial, commercial and technical experts (see Resources), CTI and CNT are able to custom-tailor the engagement team to fit your exact needs.

Tough Assignments, Creative Solutions


David R. Siever, Chairman, Capital Technology, Inc.
2 Ludlow Manor, Norwalk, CT 06855
203-853-0220  Cell: 203-247-5570